Present your valid Nilai University ID card when requesting or borrowing library materials at the Circulation Services Counter.

Note: The Circulation Services Counter closes 15 minutes before the library closing time.




  • Books initially loaned can be renewed once (1 time) if not required by other users.
  • Red spot item cannot be renewed.

*Only for academic staff who need to review the audio visual materials for course work pertaining to their programme.

However renewal will not be allowed if:

  • there is a block in your record (due to outstanding fines, overdue or lost item, etc.;
  • the item has been renewed once; or
  • the item has been reserved by someone else.




Please return your loans at the Circulation Services Counter on or before the due date.



Replacement of Lost Items

If you have lost a library item, please report it immediately in order to minimize overdue fines. The borrower may replace the item or pay for the cost of replacing the item, in addition to paying a processing fee of RM10.00 plus fines due until the day that the report was made. Lost items must be replaced or paid for within 1 week of the report.

You may enter the library but your library account will be blocked, which will not enable you to check out or renew any items if:

  • you own a total of RM 5.00 or more in fines;
  • you have loans overdue by 10 days or more;
  • you have outstanding payments or replacement for lost item ; or
  • any email we send you is bounced back.

Note: As a borrower, you are responsible for returning all borrowed library materials on time.