Conduct of LRC Users

All students using facilities in the LRC must observe the following rules. Any infringement may result in the user's suspension from the LRC for the concerned day.

  • Silence shall be maintained in the LRC areas.
  • Hand phones should be on ‘silent‘ or set to "vibrate” mode when entering the library.
  • LRC users without proper attire are not allowed into the LRC.
  • Student ID cards are compulsory for admission into the library and must be promptly displayed upon request by library staff.
  • No bags are allowed into the LRC including laptop bag.
  • The LRC bears no responsibility for any loss of personal belongings on its premises.
  • Smoking and the consumption of food and drinks are not allowed (except water) in the LRC.
  • Reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left on the tables or chairs will be removed without prior notice.
  • LRC materials and furniture should not be misused or removed from the original place.
  • Tearing pages or mutilation of LRC materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Marking, underlining or writing on LRC materials is strictly forbidden.
  • No littering in the LRC areas. Please use trash bins, to dispose waste.
  • LRC materials taken from the shelfs should not be replaced by the LRC users. Please leave materials on the table or trolley, which has been provided.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken if LRC materials are taken out of the premise without prior official check-out.
  • LRC users should keep in mind copyright issues while copying any material borrowed from the LRC.
  • Failure to receive any notice sent does not relieve a borrower from their responsibility to return library materials by due date.
  • The LRC rules and regulations shall be modified from time to time and shall be binding on all concerned.

Violation of the above rules would result in the forfeiture of your LRC privileges. The LRC may amend the Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.